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How to Keep Your Friends

Table of Contents How to Keep Your Friends Summary Part 1: Building a Great Network Structural Analysis of One’s Social Network The Environment Factor How to Be a Good Friend Starting with Generosity Building Trust Showing Gratitude Establish Relevancy Part 2: Planning Social Interactions Planning a Date On Spontaneity Argument for 1-on-1 interaction If you must go threesome or more Post Date Procedures Handing Out Rejection Part 3: Increasing...


Enough Brainwashing. Choose a College.

Note: I’m speaking from a personal standpoint. You can choose to interpret this material however you want. This is not intended to be one of those articles pitting schools against each other and comparing which one comes out on top. Everything is my opinion and my observations. Which also means that I will be speaking for UC Berkeley, and most of my generalizations is only under the assumption of UC Berkeley. Also, you don’t have to read...


James Maa’s Productivity Hacking Guide

Intro So finals week is coming up, and everyone is looking for ways to be more productive in this time crunch. So I thought I could help people figure out how to make their lives more efficient and productive. People have seen my productivity hacks and they have told me I’m crazy, OCD, a workaholic, super asian, etc. I take those adjectives as a compliment and I become flattered because I never thought myself as quite that. You see, I used to...


Learning Log #1 — Week of 1/1

1. The Key to Being Good at a lot of Things is to be Humble I realized this on New Years. I was reading Robert Greene’s book called “Mastery” and one of the kinds of people he cautions against are envious people. Then I thought about that thought for a bit. Then I realized I was an envious person. I tend to see my world in the form of have-not and tend to look upon higher beings with envy. I don’t think it’s...


Lessons I Learned While Solo Backpacking Abroad

Lessons I Learned While Solo Backpacking Abroad Context Instead of attending my 6th semester at UC Berkeley. I decided to take a semester off to travel abroad. I have had whims of this nature every spring semester now since I’ve entered Berkeley. My freshman spring I did rejection therapy. My sophomore spring I decided to hit the gym. However, this year my sporadic nature came early. By mid-way of my Fall semester, I’ve already yearned to do...


Mental Cycles

A mental cycle is an arbitrary unit of “mental computing power” that is used to measure the mental costs of performing certain tasks. You can say finding the square root of 81 requires fewer cycles than finding the square root of 5329. You can say a smart person has a lot of mental cycles, which means that they can think a lot. You can also say that a smart person uses their mental cycles very effectively, meaning that even if they’re slow,...